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Grandparent Adoption Attorneys

To pursue adoption of your grandchild in Texas, you will need an experienced, dedicated lawyer to help you navigate the often-challenging process. Grandparents play an integral part in loving and protecting their grandchildren, but unfortunately, Texas does not give them many rights. When it becomes necessary to adopt a grandchild, it can require extreme legal skill in order to persuade a judge to hand the rights of parenthood over to the grandparents.

To win this crucial right, you will need the legal services of Gregory Law PLLC. We bring an extreme dedication to our clients’ cases that, combined with our experience and extensive legal knowledge, allows us to develop the best legal options that give your adoption the best chance.

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How We Can Help

The preference of the state of Texas is for parental rights to remain with the two biological parents of a child. To change this situation requires convincing a judge in family court that the child’s best interests would be served by another arrangement.

While your love and concern for the child are important, they will not convince a judge to allow you to adopt your grandchild. Instead, you will need a lawyer who can use the law, previous cases, and powerful legal arguments to show that the adoption is necessary for the child to be raised successfully.

Your lawyer will have access to the law and legal precedents that are most compelling. They will also have experience building the right kind of arguments that may persuade the court.

Furthermore, in many grandparent adoption cases, the situation in the child’s home can be severe. These cases can be extremely emotional, particularly if a grandparent has to fight against their own child to adopt their grandchild. Hiring a lawyer to assist you in your adoption can help keep your emotions from getting in the way and always keep the welfare of the child at the forefront.

Why Choose Gregory Law PLLC?

This is possibly the most important decision you will ever make. You are taking on the responsibility for your child’s child, putting their needs first and using the law to ensure you can protect them until they are old enough to protect themselves.

You do not want to test whether any lawyer can build a compelling case for you in this matter. You want to know, upfront, that you’ve got a lawyer that knows enough and cares enough to create the best case with the best chance of success.

At Gregory Law PLLC, we recognize how momentous this decision is for you and how crucial it is to your grandchild’s welfare that we find a way to succeed. That responsibility inspires us to work as hard as possible for our clients.

We combine this concern for our clients with extensive experience and legal knowledge. Founder Myrna Gregory has more than 30 years of experience representing clients like you in Houston courtrooms, and she and her fellow lawyers at the firm are extensively trained in all the relevant laws, precedents, and expectations of your case.

We know you need us to work hard and build a case that can put your grandchild’s life in your hands, and we will do whatever it takes to make that a reality.

Reasons Texas May Recognize Grandparent Adoption

While Texas may prefer to leave parental rights with the biological parents, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to overcome those preferences. With the right legal arguments, we can create an opportunity for you to adopt your grandchild. Some of the reasons the courts may allow you to adopt your grandchild include:

  • Death of parents: If your child has died and the other parent is either dead, unknown, and uninvolved in the child’s life, your case for adoption may be very strong and may have fewer difficulties than other grandparent adoption cases.
  • Abandonment by parents: You may be able to pursue your adoption by arguing your grandchild’s parents have abandoned the child. If both parents have left the child in your care for a significant period, you can argue they should have their parental rights terminated so you can provide complete care.
  • The child is at risk with the parents: If your grandchild is at risk of abuse or neglect, or if the child will be kept in an unsafe household with drugs or other risks, we can help you argue that the child will be safer and better cared for when you adopt the child.
  • Parents are unable to care for the child: Your grandchild’s parents may be physically unable to care for their child. If they have serious physical or mental impairments, we can argue that you need to adopt the child since you are the only adult capable of providing full care to the child.
  • Parents are incarcerated: If the biological parents of your grandchild are serving a term in prison, you can either gain temporary custody of the child, or you may be able to adopt the child outright. We will help you argue for the best option for you and the child.
  • Voluntary termination of parental rights: If the biological parents have chosen to give up their parental rights, we can use this as an argument that you are the best choice to adopt and raise the child.

We will work with you, whatever your circumstances, to build the best argument for your adoption case so that you can take care of your grandchild fully.

We Can Help Get You the Legal Powers to Protect Your Grandchild

You need to adopt your grandchild in order to have the legal ability to protect and raise them. Only through a successful adoption action will you be able to make all the important decisions to keep them healthy and safe throughout their childhood. When you decide the time is right to adopt your grandchild, contact the skilled adoption lawyers at Gregory Law PLLC. We can be reached at (713) 861-1293.


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