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The firm of Gregory Law, PLLC were excellent in my case. They helped me finally recover my children. I am very satisfied with the results and would recommend them to anyone looking for a strong lawyer.

La firma de Gregory Law, PLLC fueron excenlentes a mi caso. Ellas me ayudaron a finalmente recuperar mis hijos. Estoy mui satisfecha con los resultados y los recomendaría a cualquiera que esté buscando una abogada fuerte.

Anonymous Account via Google

I would highly recommend this firm. Myrna Gregory and Melissa Bazan were always available to answer my questions and always made me feel like I was in good hands. They always had my best interests at heart and gave me sound legal advice. I never felt like they were over-billing me like I have seen with other family law firms.

Thomas Bickham via Google

Myrna and the staff at Gregory Law gave me custody of my children and I can never thank you enough Myrna!!!! If you are looking for a competent, aggressive, take no prisoners kind of attorney who always has your children’s best interest at heart, go see Myrna!

Mike Beck via Google

I am being represented by this law firm, I mostly deal with Melissa Bazan, but I also deal with Ms. Gregory. They are very professional, intelligent, knowledgeable, and always ahead of the game. Gregory law firm makes me feel empowered and like someone has my back. Yes, Attorneys in general are expensive, but you know that already. Myrna in particular has been nothing but compassionate about waiting on my check. Go at it alone if you want, but chances are better with an Attorney. And who knows, maybe you can get Attorney’s fees reimbursed by your opponent.

Claudia Rusinque via Google

I have a unique situation, I had 2 previous attorneys prior to hiring Gregory Law & Melissa. 1 of whom was a idiot and tried selling me out to the other side twice and the other who was a good attorney but not nearly aggressive enough. I had joint custody in place and it looked like the best i was going to get. After a crazy turn of events, my Ex (mom) started showing she was not responsible enough to handle the task of raising 3 small children. If anyone reading this knows anything about family law in texas, the mother usually gets custody. After i hired Melissa, got the judge to reopen the case after only a few months and then she got the judge to see through all the stories and the lies and take a close look at my case. Once this happened everything was put on the table and it was very easy for the judge to give me temporary custody. But at that point it wasn’t over because it took a ton of knowledge and foresight on Melissa’s part to anticipate what the other side would and/or might be planning and it was like she already knew which way to proceed. I got final custody, mom pays child support, health insurance and hopefully will go back to being the mom she once was. This review got way longer than i intended but after i read the review from the 1 star person below, which i agree sounds made-up, i wanted anyone reading this to have more of an accurate review. In closing my case was very in depth and difficult, but i got everything i wanted and more which i never expected. THANK YOU MELISSA & MYRNA

Michael via Avvo

Melissa is a fantastic attorney! She has been by my side for the last several years since my ex is a very litigious individual. She knows the family law rules and knows what the judges in Harris County like and don’t like. She’s not afraid (or rude) to tell you when you have the wrong interpretation, and she always encourages you to take the high road. She’s also not afraid to break out her claws when the opposing side deserves it. She is always quick to return emails and phone calls. I have recommended her and the Gregory Law firm to several people and will continue to do so. I would not pay any attention to the one star review – sounds like someone from the opposing side lost and is bitter about it

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