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Child Custody Attorney

If you are facing a child custody decision in the Houston area, you need to bring in the best legal representation the city has to offer. Your custody decision will determine how much time you will get to spend with your child, as well as how much say you will have in the major aspects of their life. These are vital aspects of parenting that you do not want to lose.

To ensure you get to maintain a strong relationship with your children, you will need the legal assistance of Gregory Law PLLC. We have decades of experience that can protect your relationship with your children. We know what the courts need to hear to make your best case for custody. We can also help you negotiate the best joint custody agreement with your former partner.

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Do I Need an Attorney for My Child Custody Case?

When it comes to where your children will live until they reach the age of maturity, you don’t want to put your relationship and their safety at risk by attempting to negotiate your child custody case alone.

The Texas courts have very specific areas of interest when determining child custody, and in order to present the best case, you’ll need the help of an experienced child custody lawyer. They know what a judge needs to hear in order to believe that you and your home are ideal for your child.

Furthermore, an attorney will be able to help you negotiate with your former spouse in as calm and rational a manner as possible. Child custody procedures, even when you are trying to agree to joint custody, can be highly emotional for the parties involved. A lawyer with less emotional stakes will be able to clearly advocate for your rights and wishes, no matter how heated the situation becomes.

Why You Should Come to Gregory Law PLLC for Your Custody Needs

Child custody cases are extremely personal and stressful, so you need a lawyer who sees you and your children as more than just names on a piece of paper. You can find that level of dedication and compassion at Gregory Law PLLC.

We understand what this decision will mean to you and your children, and we will work tirelessly to make sure the court gets this decision right. We can be the olive branch to your partner to make sure the joint custody agreement benefits everyone, or we can be the fierce advocate that fights aggressively and with the full strength of the law to make sure you walk away with sole custody of your children.

Whatever result you need from the court, we have the experience to help you get it. Firm founder Myrna Gregory has been practicing family law in Houston for 30 years. She knows the arguments that work and the evidence that’s necessary to make sure your children end up with the best custody arrangement and in the best home.

What Influences the Decision Between Joint vs. Sole Custody?

Child custody in Texas can either be sole managing custody or joint managing custody. The state’s natural preference is towards joint custody, so if you want sole custody, you will need to prove that it is necessary.

Some of the factors that lead to a court’s custody decision include:

  • The presence of domestic abuse in the household
  • The presence of substance abuse in the household
  • Who moved out of the family home
  • The preferences of the child, if they are old enough to express them
  • The emotional and physical needs of the child in the present and the future
  • The safety of the child in the present and the future
  • The ability of each parent to provide a safe and stable home
  • The potential need for the child to move and their ability to adjust
  • Which parent attempts to maintain a positive relationship with the other parent
  • Which parent has been making the primary decisions for the child’s education, health, etc.
  • Which parent takes most responsibility for feeding the child
  • Which parent takes most responsibility for meeting with teachers and going to extracurricular activities
  • Which parents takes most responsibility for getting the child ready in the morning and putting them to bed at night

The court may also rely on the advice of child custody experts. Texas does not prefer one parent over the other for custody, so neither mothers nor fathers are at a natural advantage during child custody disputes.

Depending on your needs, Gregory Law PLLC can help you:

  • Gain sole custody of your child or children
  • Set up a fair joint custody arrangement with your former partner
  • Gain visitation rights when your former partner has sole custody
  • Secure child support along with custody
  • Modify a child custody agreement

Whether your preference is for sole custody or a certain joint custody agreement, we can help you get the custody result that is right for you and your family. Contact us to find our more about how we can help.

Put Your Children First by Trusting Your Custody Case to Us

Your relationship with your children and their prospects for a happy childhood and bright future all depend on who has custody and where your children live. Don’t put any of that at risk by trying to negotiate custody on your own.

If you or someone you know is going through a child custody determination, you should contact Gregory Law PLLC right away. We can help you negotiate the complex world of child custody whether you are getting a divorce or trying to modify an existing agreement. To learn more about what our child custody and support attorneys can do for you, call us today at (713) 861-1293.


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