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Termination of Parents Rights Lawyer

If you are in a position in which you need to pursue the termination of the other parent’s rights over a child in order to allow for that child’s adoption, Gregory Law PLLC can help you with this difficult process.

Terminating a parent’s rights is a necessary step in the adoption process. Whether this is done voluntarily or not, it is crucial that this process is accomplished so the child can be placed in a loving home with responsible parents.

Gregory Law PLLC can help you through this challenging process. No matter the particular circumstances, we can present the case for why termination of a parent’s rights is in the child’s best interest, and we can take care of all the future legal complexities of the adoption afterward as well.

Our experience in these matters is matched by our compassion for the sometimes difficult, sometimes joyous process. We will work with you to make sure the child you are adopting is not constrained by the parental rights of a parent who either does not want them or is unable to care for them.

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Do You Need a Lawyer to Terminate Parental Rights?

It is not very easy to terminate parental rights. The state prefers to keep children with their parents if at all possible. That means you will need to meet some very strict legal requirements to successfully terminate the rights of the parent or parents of a child before you can pursue adopting that child.

A lawyer can help you gather all the necessary evidence and make compelling arguments for why termination of parental rights is necessary. Because they are familiar with the adoption process and the law, they can identify the most strategic arguments to make in your situation.

A lawyer is crucial even in the event this is a voluntary termination of parental rights. When a parent voluntarily relinquishes their parental rights, an Affidavit of Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights must be filed after a termination petition is filed. The circumstances behind a termination can be incredibly complex and may be contested on multiple points. To ensure your case is strong, the evidence is there to support it, and the results are best for the child, you’ll need a lawyer’s help.

Bring Your Termination Case to Gregory Law PLLC for Caring, Efficient Legal Service

Terminating a parent’s rights can be a traumatic, emotionally difficult process, even if it ends up leading to greater joy for the family and more security for the child. To deal with such circumstances, you need an attorney who understands this difficult moment and how important it is that you achieve success in your case.

Gregory Law PLLC has been helping families through this process for decades. We know how to represent your interests best in family court, arguing passionately for why this is the best option for all parties involved. We combine a thorough knowledge of the law and experience handling similar cases with compassion for the child and the child’s new family.

We are dedicated to making sure the child of Houston are in the households that will allow them to thrive and succeed throughout their childhood and into the future. We consider this an important duty to our neighbors and the overall Houston community.

When this case can determine whether a child lives in a home full of love and stability, you need to trust the lawyers of Gregory Law PLLC, who bring knowledge, experience, and compassion to every termination of parental rights case we take on.

Reasons to Terminate Parental Rights

There are many sound legal reasons to pursue a termination of parental rights that will then allow for the adoption process to go forward. These reasons can cover a broad range of motivations and situations, but the end result is a change in who raises the child you care about. Some of the reasons you can argue in Texas courts to terminate a parent’s rights include:

  • Parent voluntarily relinquishes parental rights: The least difficult means of terminating a parent’s rights is if the parent chooses to relinquish the rights voluntarily and signs an affidavit to that effect. This allows for the legal process to go forward more smoothly.
  • Confusion over the father: Some children are born with confusion about who the biological father is. If this mistake is discovered later, the biological father can pursue termination of parental rights from the mistaken father.
  • Voluntary abandonment: This can take many forms. A father can abandon the mother when he knows she is pregnant. Either parent can also abandon the child for significant periods with no intention of returning. In either case, this is a strong reason to remove their parental rights.
  • Parent doesn’t support the child for at least a year: Similar in some ways to voluntary abandonment, if a parent refuses to provide support for a child for a long period, they may lose their parental rights.
  • Parent voluntarily placed the child in a dangerous environment: Texas takes situations very seriously in which children are put in dangerous environments. If a parent chooses to put a child in a place where there is a risk of violence, abuse, drug use, or other harmful behavior, they can be forced to forfeit their parental rights.
  • Parent knowingly committed crimes: If a parent knowingly commits a serious crime, they can be found unfit to parent and lose their parental rights.
  • Parent knowingly caused the child to be born with substance abuse issues: If the mother of the child knowingly took drugs while pregnant and this causes harm to the child, the mother may lose her parental rights.

While all of the above reasons are drastically different, the end result is the loss of parental rights and the potential for the child to be adopted by others who are more caring and stable.

We Can Help You Protect Your Child Through a Parental Rights Termination

The most important thing is for a child to feel loved and safe. If a parent is not able or willing to provide for this, and you can, we can help.

Contact Gregory Law PLLC at (713) 861-1293 if you need to pursue the termination of parental rights in order to adopt a child. Our adoption lawyers can start working towards protecting the child you love today.


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