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Establishing custody over your children can be an incredibly contentious process at the best of times, but when there are particularly serious, aggravating concerns, then you may need to bring in an experienced lawyer to help with your high conflict custody case. High conflict custody involves issues that go beyond the standard concerns of a custody dispute. These can be as benign as the distance between the parents (since Texas prefers parents to be relatively close to help maintain all relationships) or as dangerous as the risks of physical violence against the child.

No matter the circumstances of your high conflict custody case, Gregory Law PLLC has the legal knowledge, experience, and dedication to guide your claims through to the decision that’s best for you and your family. We have decades of experience representing Houston families through some of the most contentious and serious custody conflicts, and we know how to fight to make sure the court comes to a decision that keeps your children safe and your relationship intact.

If you are facing a high conflict custody case in the Houston area, don’t risk the safety and care of your children. Call Gregory Law PLLC right away at (713) 861-1293 so we can start building the most powerful case for you and for your children.

How a Lawyer Can Help in a High Conflict Custody Case

Some custody disputes can be resolved without lawyers. In an ideal situation, both parents can make concessions and will come to an agreement that works for all parties, especially the children. When you are dealing with a high conflict custody case, though, a lawyer is absolutely necessary. These cases involve high stakes, complicated contexts, and a potential of harm befalling the children if things do not work out. You cannot risk the safety of your children by attempting to handle your high conflict custody dispute on your own.

Instead, let a lawyer help you. They can gather all the necessary evidence to demonstrate that the other parent is unfit to have custody of your children. They can similarly gather evidence and make arguments to show that the child’s best interests will be met by living in your home. Your lawyer also can speak to your former partner and their legal team on your behalf so you don’t have to, particularly if you feel unsafe with them.

Your case may have serious consequences for your child’s safety and your ability to see them regularly. You don’t want to risk the possibility that the court rules against you. Protect yourself and your children by getting a lawyer as early in the custody process as possible.

How Gregory Law PLLC Can Make a Difference

In a high conflict custody dispute in Houston, you need Gregory Law PLLC on your side. Our firm has more than 30 years of experience arguing for our clients in family court and negotiating for our clients with their former partners. Our experience and familiarity with the law means that we know exactly what to do in even the toughest custody disputes.

Our compassion for our clients further sets us apart. Our firm is deeply rooted in the Houston community, and we believe in making sure the families of our community are safe and happy. With Gregory Law PLLC, you get more than just experience and legal skill; you get emotional support and high levels of dedication that exceed expectations. We recognize that this situation is highly stressful, and we will do everything we can to comfort you, while also achieving the best outcome for your case.

Causes of High Conflict Custody

There are many causes of a high conflict custody case, with some more dangerous or traumatic than others. Some of the common causes of high conflict custody cases include:

  • A history of violence: If either parent has a history of violent behavior, whether towards members of the household or not, the court may feel that the violent parent cannot provide a safe home for the child.
  • A history of drug or alcohol abuse: Similarly, a history of drug or alcohol abuse may suggest the risks are too high, and that the child won’t be safe in that parent’s household.
  • Allegations that a home is unsafe for children: A lack of safety may not just be about the parent’s behavior. If the home is in an unsafe location or there are unsafe activities taking place around the child, that home may be found to be unfit.
  • Allegations of alienation: Parenting requires an emotional and physical commitment to the child. If a parent is accused of alienating or being alienated from the child, the court may feel they can’t provide a positive home environment. Alternatively, some parents attempt to alienate their child from the other parent for a variety of reasons. If a parent is accused of doing this, they may be found to be unfit.
  • Mental illness and personality disorders: Some mental health and personality disorder issues may suggest the parent isn’t capable of ensuring the home is safe. This can be a very contested issue.
  • Parent with shifting schedules or work situations: If the parent can’t prove they will have a consistent schedule with consistent income, the court may feel they aren’t capable of providing a reliable and stable home environment.
  • Military divorce: Because of the demands placed on serving men and women, a military divorce can lead to particularly difficult issues about where the child will reside and the location of the parents.
  • Issues with distance between homes: Texas prefers parents to live close to each other to help the child maintain a positive and constant relationship with both parents. If one parent has moved or intends to move farther away, that can lead to a serious dispute.
  • Involvement of extended family: Grandparents or other family members may try to present a claim for custody of a child. This complex situation can result in a very difficult high conflict custody case.
  • Child’s preference goes against current agreement: If a child is old enough and able to present a preference for their living situation, Texas takes those preferences seriously. If their preferences are different than the current agreement, a new agreement may be required.

Whatever the circumstances of your high conflict custody dispute, we have the legal tools and experience to provide you with the strongest possible arguments.

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