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If you need to establish or modify your visitation rights, contact Gregory Law PLLC for help. Visitation rights are a crucial aspect of maintaining a meaningful relationship with your child. Whether you are going through a divorce or have never lived with the child’s other parent to begin with, you must assert your visitation rights and create a reasonable visitation schedule in order to stay close to your child.

Gregory Law PLLC understand how important this issue is, and we have the experience and legal knowledge to ensure your rights are established and respected. If you or someone you know is pursuing visitation rights in the Houston area, Gregory Law PLLC is ready to help. Call us at (713) 861-1293 to find out more about what we can do for you.

Will a Lawyer Really Help in a Visitation Rights Case?

If you are trying to gain access to your children, the last thing you want to do is to make a mistake in your case because you didn’t understand the law or the requirements of the courts. With an experienced family law attorney on your side, you’ll be able to navigate the complexity of the family court system. Your lawyer will also be able to help you put forward the strongest arguments for why you deserve to have your visitation rights enforced. Putting the right arguments forward can make a huge difference between seeing your children regularly or spending months or years without them.

Sometimes, visitation is less of a court decision and more a matter of coming to an agreement with the other parent. Even in cases where both parents agree to joint custody, you will still have to come to a visitation schedule that both parties can agree on and that the court accepts. A lawyer can help you negotiate with the other parent to come to a reasonable and mutually satisfying conclusion, while also minimizing the strong emotions that often come into play during these cases.

Gregory Law PLLC Will Help You Secure Your Visitation Rights

With Gregory Law PLLC, you’ll be working with lawyers that care about their clients and who have the experience and dedication to ensure you get to see your children. Myrna Gregory has been helping parents successfully secure visitation rights for the last thirty years. As a native of Houston, she cares about the families in this area, because they are more than just her clients – they are her neighbors and friends.

The success of your visitation rights case may rest on just how hard your lawyer is willing to work for you to make your claim the strongest possible. With Gregory Law PLLC, you’ll get a tireless team of lawyers that won’t stop at anything when it comes to bringing you and your kids together.

How We Can Help You with Your Visitation Needs

Visitation in Texas can include either supervised or unsupervised visits. Most visitation rights include unsupervised visits between a child and their parent, particularly in the case of a joint custody agreement. A supervised visit is required in the rare case the court determines the parent could be a danger to the child, often due to issues with alcohol or drugs. Visitation rights can come up in several different legal contexts. We may be able to help you gain visitation rights in all of these contexts:

  • During the divorce process: A schedule for visitation can be agreed between partners before or during a divorce, during negotiations or by a court order. Visitation is a possibility in both sole and joint custody arrangements. With joint custody, one parent is the primary custodian, while the other gets visitation rights. Even with sole custody arrangements, the parent without custody will usually get some amount of visitation. A lawyer can ensure that the visitation schedule is appropriate no matter the circumstances of your divorce.
  • Establishing a court order: If there has not yet been a court decision on your visitation rights, you can establish a new court order and ask for the ability to visit your children. If the parents of the child are unmarried, you may need to establish paternity before you can request visitation. Schedules often include time every other weekend with the child, but we can help argue for the schedule that works best for you and your child.
  • Modifying a court order: When your circumstances change, including relocation or remarriage, you may need to revisit your visitation rights. You can change the schedule for your visitations at this point or you can modify how and how often you see your children.
  • Enforcing a court order: If the visitation rights that were determined by the court aren’t being respected, you can force your former partner into compliance. Enforcing your court order puts the other party at risk of legal penalties if they don’t let you see your children according to the schedule you’ve already set.

You need to see your children, and your children need to see you. Whatever the context of your visitation rights case, we’ll provide you the best legal assistance to help you maintain your relationship with your children.

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