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Property Division Enforcement Attorneys

If your former spouse is not complying with the property agreement in your divorce, it may be time to contact Gregory Law PLLC to discuss filing for enforcement of property division.

The division of property and assets is often the most contentious element of a divorce. When a hard-fought agreement is finally reached, some spouses will continue to refuse to abide by that agreement. Whether they are refusing to sell assets or refusing to leave property, this can cause significant difficulty. You may find that the house you are guaranteed in the divorce is not open for you to live in. You may also suddenly discover you are in significant financial difficulties because property that was meant to be sold is still not even listed.

Gregory Law PLLC understands the seriousness of your situation. You have every right to demand your former spouse fulfill their side of your divorce agreement. When they refuse to do so, we can step in and use the law to compel them to live up to the requirements of your divorce.

Our experienced team knows how to argue your case most effectively, putting you in a far better position in relation to your property.

If your former spouse is refusing to deal with your shared property according to your divorce agreement, contact Gregory Law PLLC at (713) 861-1293. We can help ensure you receive the funds and the property that belong to you.

How a Lawyer Can Help You with Your Enforcement

As with every aspect of family law, property division enforcements are complicated. A successful enforcement claim requires a careful and thorough application of the law and the ability to present solid legal arguments to the court.

While you are not legally required to bring in a lawyer, navigating the strict procedures of a property division enforcement successfully usually requires assistance. While you are dealing with the mess of financial and property difficulties that come with a former spouse failing to live up to the expectations set during your divorce, you are in no condition to attempt to handle the process on your own, particularly with so much at risk.

With a lawyer working with you, however, you do not have to worry about accidental misstatements, mistakes, or poorly worded reasoning in the enforcement process. Your lawyer can walk you through every step, handling any of the legal arguments that may be required.
This will remove stress from your life and also increase the likelihood of a successful resolution to your property division issues.

We Know the Law and We Care About the Result

When your house, your car, your insurance, or your bank balance may be on the line, you do not want to go through the enforcement process alone.

The lawyers at Gregory Law PLLC are more than just experienced, talented advocates capable of handling your case; we make sure to always put our clients and their concerns first. We believe in helping our Houston neighbors get back on their feet, and we do that by providing the best legal assistance for each case, every time.

We understand how devastating it can be to struggle with a former spouse over property or income that is yours by law. We know how precarious your position can be while you wait for these issues to be resolved.

We make sure that we live up to the responsibility you put in us. When you come to Gregory Law PLLC, you get our full attention and the commitment of all of our resources, including our decades of experience. No matter the specific circumstances of your enforcement case, we have seen it before, we know how to pursue the right result, and we will not stop until we get it.

Reasons to File an Enforcements for Violating Property Division

When your former spouse fails to meet the requirements of your divorce and withholds property or assets that the court has allotted to you, they are not just being selfish – they are causing serious damage to your finances and well-being, and they should be punished for it.
Some of the ways your former spouse may violate a property division agreement include, but are not limited to:

  • Refusing to put property up for sale: If the divorce agreement requires a piece of property be sold in order to split the profits between you and your former spouse, there is only so much wiggle room in that agreement. While it may be acceptable if the property is not selling as soon as was hoped, if your former spouse is refusing to even put the property up for sale, we can force them to do so through an enforcement.
  • Refusing to divide proceeds from a sale fairly: If your former spouse did sell the property but is now either trying to hide the full value or refusing to divide the income as required by the divorce agreement, we can make them abide by that agreement with an enforcement.
  • Refusing to pay debts: If your former spouse has been required to pay off certain debts as part of the divorce agreement, those debts must be paid. If they are trying to avoid payment, the courts can force them to pay.
  • Refusing to hand over property: If the courts allotted you the house, the car, the boat, or some other property, your former spouse has to vacate the property and leave it to you in a timely manner. If they are refusing, we can pursue an enforcement action.
  • Refusing to provide insurance: Some divorce agreements include a former spouse continuing to cover the other former spouse with their insurance. If you were expecting your ex-spouse’s insurance and they remove you, we can make them add you back to the plan.

Once we prove your former spouse is failing in their duties towards you in regards to your divorce agreement, we can pursue a number of paths that force them to complete the property division as the court expected. Consequences for failing to comply with a court-ordered division of property vary, but can include being held in contempt of court and even a jail sentence.

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You are entitled to the property and assets set in your divorce agreement. You just need the right enforcement lawyer to fight for you to make sure you get what you are entitled to.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a property division issue with a former spouse, contact Gregory Law PLLC at (713) 861-1293 so we can file an enforcement case on your behalf and make sure you receive everything from your former spouse that belongs to you.


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