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Child Support Modification Lawyer

When your financial situation changes and you need to modify your child support, you will want to consult an experienced child support modification attorney who can help you succeed in making the right adjustments.

Life can change in unexpected ways, and child support payments may, after a time, begin to be far too high or far too low to meet the needs of the children involved in the agreement. Whether it is an issue with employment or the sudden discovery of special needs that come with larger expenses, the old child support agreement can suddenly seem inadequate to address the requirements of the present.

Texas recognizes that such events occur, and the state provides a process through which you can adjust the specifics of your child support payments. However, to make sure this modification process is a success, you will want to work with the experienced lawyers at Gregory Law PLLC. We know how to introduce your modification case and argue on your behalf to ensure the new rates allow for financial security and the health and safety of all children involved.

If you or someone you care about needs to modify their child support payments in the Houston area, contact Gregory Law PLLC at (713) 861-1293 to tell us about your case. We can work with you to help resolve this in the fastest and most painless way possible.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Modify Child Support

Child support agreements must be approved by a family court. That means any modifications must be approved by a judge just like the initial agreement. Whether the other parent is in agreement with the changes or not, you will need to argue before a court why this change has to be made.

For those with limited legal experience, this process can be intimidating, and it can lead many to make crucial mistakes that might put the modification at risk. Denial of adjustments can be even more likely if the other parent is not in complete agreement about the prospective changes.

No matter your particular circumstances, you will need a lawyer to help you organize the best strategy and to argue your reasons for modification before the court.

With an attorney, you will not have to stress yourself over understanding all the legal and financial variables involved in a modification. Your lawyer can handle that side of the case, while you focus on taking care of your personal finances and your children.

Why Choose Us?

Successfully modifying your child support payments can make a huge difference in your life. It may be the difference between keeping a home you love or not, or between getting the care for a child or not.

At Gregory Law PLLC, you won’t find any disinterested lawyers. Our firm was founded on an intense dedication to our clients and the needs of their families. We care about what happens in your modification hearing, and we have the experience, legal knowledge, and skills to ensure the best possible outcome for your children and for you.

Our founder, Myrna Gregory, has practiced family law in the Houston area for the past 30 years. In that time, she’s helped countless families reach the right child support modification agreements that allow every member of the family to flourish.

We believe in taking care of Houston families, and we will use all the legal abilities at our disposal to fight for the child support payments that best allow you to take care of your children and yourself.

Reasons to Modify Your Current Child Support Agreement

There are many reasons why it may become necessary to modify your child support agreement. Health and financial circumstances can change rapidly, and child support payments need to change just as quickly.

We have experience arguing for modifications before Houston family courts for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons we see are:

  • Loss of employment for the payer of child support: If the parent that pays child support is now without income after losing their job, a modification can be made while that parent seeks new employment.
  • Loss of employment for the receiver of child support: If the parent that receives child support loses their job, they may temporarily need more support to maintain the same level of security and comfort for the child.
  • A change in employment for the payer: The payer of child support does not necessarily have to lose their job to deserve a modification in child support payments. They may see a reduction in available income due to a demotion or change in career, or they may have a sudden increase in available income because of a promotion or new job that allows them to pay more support.
  • Identification of the child’s special needs: If your child is diagnosed with special needs, this may necessitate extra expenses for education and care.
  • Sudden changes in the child’s health: Whether a medical condition, an accident, or other circumstances, if your child has new, regular medical and care expenses, more child support may be necessary to cover some of those costs.
  • A change in the home the child lives in: If your child now spends most of their time with the payer of child support instead of the receiver, a modification may be required to reflect this change.

This is not a complete list. To find out whether your circumstances necessitate a modification in child support, contact us today.

Gregory Law PLLC Can Help You Modify Your Child Support

It’s important that the child support arrangement in your family is fair, allowing for children and parents to thrive equally. If you or someone you know needs to modify their child support in or around Houston, Gregory Law PLLC can help adjust the support to a fairer level that allows for the best situation for your family. Contact our divorce modification lawyers today by calling (713) 861-1293 to schedule a consultation.


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