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Custody Modification Attorneys

If you need to modify your custody agreement, contact Gregory Law PLLC for assistance. When a court makes an initial custody decision, it is intended to serve the best interests of the child involved. When a financial situation changes, a parent moves, or other circumstances become drastically different, the court makes it possible to change that agreement for the betterment of the child.

To do this, though, you need to return to family court to make your arguments. Gregory Law PLLC has extensive experience helping our clients modify their custody agreements, allowing for changes from sole to joint custody or vice versa, as well as changes to visitation. We want what is best for you and your child, and we can help make sure the best custody situation is what you get.

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Do You Need a Lawyer to Modify Custody?

While the court makes allowances for the need to change custody, it still requires you to go to court and argue for why that modification is necessary. Doing this without legal guidance can lead to major mistakes in presenting your case, which can cause the court to rule against you and drastically affect the custody arrangement for your family. This can be the case whether the other parent is in agreement about the change or not, although it is certainly more challenging with a parent who is unwilling to compromise.

Introducing a lawyer into your custody modification case will allow you to present the best arguments with the strongest likelihood of success to the judge. Your lawyer can also calm difficulties between you and the other parent, allowing you to potentially reach a better agreement that puts you on the same page before going to see the judge.

No matter your circumstances, a lawyer will increase the likelihood that your modification preferences are recognized by the court, allowing for you and your child to find the custody arrangement that works best for you.

Why Gregory Law PLLC Is the Preferred Option for Your Custody Needs

Custody of a child is always a very emotional and complex issue. You want to make sure your custody modification case is handled by a lawyer who understands the vast consequences of the changes being undertaken and who has the skill and legal capabilities to ensure the right modifications are made.

With Gregory Law PLLC, you’ll be working with a firm with decades of experience and a long history of successful resolutions to custody modification cases. We know what this case means to you and your child. It can be the difference between living with your child and hardly seeing them.

We take our duty as the legal representation for our clients and their families very seriously. We will work harder and use every element of the law and your circumstance to fight for the custody configuration that best allows you and your family to thrive.

For us, you aren’t just another client; you’re a parent whose primary concern is what is best for your child. We care about your story and the well-being of both you and your child. With our experience, extensive legal knowledge, and compassion for your case, we are in the best position to provide the best assistance in your custody modification case.

Reasons We Can Modify Your Custody Situation

There are many reasons to revisit the custody agreement for your child or children. Any time it becomes apparent that the agreement is not providing the best care possible for your child and your family, there is reason to consider pursuing a modification.

Texas Family Code § 156.101 establishes that a court can modify an order for child custody when a modification is in the best interest of the child, the circumstances have significantly changed, the child is old enough to express a preference, or a parent has voluntarily relinquished custody.

We can help you with your legal efforts to modify your child custody agreement for any number of reasons, but some of the most common we see include:

  • The child is in danger in the home of one parent or the other: If you suspect that your child is in danger when in the custody of your former partner, it is absolutely critical that you immediately contact us so we can begin the process of removing your child from that home and providing you with custody. Dangerous conditions can include the presence of drugs, physical or sexual abuse, or the introduction of someone who may be dangerous to the home.
  • The child is old enough to express a desire for a change: From the age of 12 onward, a child’s preferences will be considered by the court. If your child would now prefer to live with you, we can help you pursue this change in custody.
  • One parent is failing to live up to the previous agreement: If one parent isn’t showing up at the correct visitation times or is not providing proper care while in custody of the child, we can help modify the agreement to remove these rights.
  • One parent is relocating a great distance: Parents move all the time for jobs, to be closer to family, or for many other reasons. This can make it difficult for the parent that remains, and changes may be required to accommodate their new difficulties.
  • The current visitation or custody schedule no longer works: Schedules change, and it may no longer be possible for you to see your child for weekends or certain months during the summer. You can modify your custody agreement to accommodate your new schedule.
  • One parent wishes to voluntarily give up custody: A parent may, in rare circumstances, decide they no longer want custody of the child. We can help you modify your custody agreement to remove that parent from custody entirely.

No matter what the reasons are behind your change in custody, Gregory Law PLLC can represent you and make sure the custody situation is right for your child and you.

We Can Help Ensure Your Children Are Taken Care Of

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