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Rights and Duties Modification Lawyers

If you need to change the rights and duties you have as a parent, Gregory Law PLLC can help you through the modification process. After a divorce or when unmarried parents separate permanently, certain important decisions will primarily fall on one parent or the other. After the court has determined this division, you may find that, over time, circumstances change and modifications are necessary.

Whether the child is living more with one parent than the other now or one parent is not living up to their responsibilities, it can become crucial to your child’s safety and comfort that you modify who has the power to make the big decisions for and about your child.

Texas provides for the means to make these changes through the modification process, but to ensure a successful result to your rights and duties case, you will need the assistance of the experienced team at Gregory Law PLLC. We have decades of experience handling modification cases just like yours. We know the courts and how to use your circumstances to build the strongest arguments for change.

When your child’s health, safety, and stability is at stake, you cannot afford to risk getting your case wrong. If you or someone you know needs to modify the rights and duties they have over their child, contact Gregory Law PLLC right away at (713) 861-1293 so we can get to work making the changes you need.

How a Lawyer Can Help Revisit Rights and Duties for Your Child

While Texas provides a way for you to adjust your rights and duties to your child with the modification process, that process still requires you to go before a family court and argue why a change is necessary.

In the stress of a family crisis or with intense disagreements with your former partner, it is easy to make mistakes while presenting your arguments, which may lead to the judge making a decision that adversely impacts your rights and duties. Since these rights and duties can mean so much to how your child is raised and how they are kept safe, you cannot afford for the wrong decision to be made.

To prevent a non-optimal outcome, hire a lawyer. They can use their experience with the modification process and knowledge of the law to create arguments that have the strongest possible impact. They will know what evidence is necessary to convince the judge that the modifications you propose are ideal for your child. With your lawyer, you will limit the risk of mistakes and maximize the likelihood of a positive result that can allow you to take care of your child properly.

Benefit from the Experience and Dedication at Gregory Law PLLC

When you are attempting to ensure the court provides you with the rights and duties to raise your child safely and healthily, you want a lawyer who goes the extra mile to provide the best legal arguments, which is what you get with Gregory Law PLLC.

Myrna Gregory is the founder of our firm and has built a reputation over the past 30 years of providing the most diligent legal services to her clients. Like Ms. Gregory, our entire firm follows the philosophy of putting the needs of the client above all else. We recognize just how crucial this case can be to the welfare of your child and your overall ability to parent.

That is why we work tirelessly for every client, providing some of Houston’s best legal assistance so that you are able to take care of your child the way you feel is in their best interests.

Reasons You May Want to Modify the Rights and Duties for Your Child

The rights and duties of parenthood include choosing the school a child attends, the medical and dental treatments they get, and the religion they participate in. The reasons you might want to change who makes these decisions can vary greatly and may be very unique to your case. However, to give some context, these are some of the most common reasons to modify the rights and duties of a child:

  • One parent is not living up the requirements of the previous agreement: If the other parent is not engaging fully in their responsibilities to make important decisions for your child, we can help you to modify any previous agreements so that you are solely in charge of making those choices.
  • One parent has shown signs they are unable to provide competent care for the child: Slightly different than the point above, if the other parent is struggling with drug and alcohol abuse or mental health issues, they may not be able to responsibly make the important decisions for your child. We can help adjust your previous agreement to factor in these issues.
  • One parent has abandoned the child: If the other parent has abandoned your child, they obviously are unable to handle the rights and duties of parenthood. We can change your agreement so you are able to make those decisions alone.
  • One parent wishes to voluntarily give up custody of the child: If the other parent has decided they no longer wish to have custody over the child, we can help you transfer custody as well as all the rights and duties of parenthood.
  • The child has expressed a wish to change their living situation: If your child is over 12 years of age, they may wish to change the parent they live with. When this happens, it is often best to transfer the primary parent role to the parent in charge of the child’s daily life.

These are only some of the circumstances that may require a change in the arrange of rights and duties for parenting your child. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your case further.

We Can Help Make Sure You Can Protect Your Child

To raise your child successfully, you’ll need the legal ability to make decisions for them about their health, religion, and education. Gregory Law PLLC can help you modify the rights and duties of parenthood to ensure your child is properly taken care of. To learn more about what our divorce modification lawyers can do for you, contact us today by calling (713) 861-1293.


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